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Your feelings will be acknowledged, enabling you to develop a new perspective on your situation, reflect on your past or present experiences and see things more clearly.

The Experience of Being Listened To

The opportunity to express yourself without judgment

How I Work

Looking At The World From Where You Are Standing

The initial part of my work is to get to know you, and to understand your needs. My intention is to look at the world from where you are standing, and to start our journey from that view point.

I am trained in Psychodynamic counselling, which means that I focus on helping you to get to know yourself better, and to understand why you might be feeling the way that you do. I will help you understand where previous experience has shaped your thinking and your way of relating to others. This can help you to resolve issues in the present and start to see a way forward.

An important element of my approach is to recognise that everyone has different needs and one style of counselling will not suit all. It can be useful to use some CBT techniques (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), which are effective in identifying self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking associated with these. I like to focus on helping develop acceptance and compassion towards yourself, and working to improve self-esteem.

I will encourage you to look at ways of taking care of your on-going mental health. I will help you to identify your self-care needs and to recognise the importance of making these a priority in maintaining resilience and a healthy mind-set.

My fee for counselling is £45 per session.

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