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All information shared with me will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. The only time that this would change would be if you were to tell me that you, or someone else is at risk of harm. In this instance I will inform you of my intended actions.

My work is supervised (within the BACP framework) and all information shared for this purpose will be anonymous, and presenting issues are discussed in a general context. 

It is unlikely but possible that access to online content can be requested by police (UK and international), where there is suspicion of illegal activities.

Where a complaint is made by a client to my professional body I reserve the right to breach confidentiality and to use my session notes in order to address any grievances which might occur within the My Time Counselling practice. Wherever possible you will be informed of this.


My Time Counselling is fully compliant with the principles of GDPR. If you request further information via this website you will be given detailed information with regards to the data and privacy procedures that are in place at My Time Counselling.

All personal information of yours that I hold will be stored electronically and password protected. Any electronic contact we have during the process of assessment and ongoing sessions will be deleted from my computer at the end of our agreed work together. At the end of our counselling agreement copies of our exchanges will be stored securely offline for a period of 7 years and then destroyed.

I am a registered Data Controller and abide by the regulations imposed by such procedures. My registration number is: ZA770814. The procedures in this document have been compiled in relation to GDPR (General Data Privacy Requlations) from May 26th 2018 onwards. 

Online Privacy

It is important that you consider privacy when receiving counselling online. To help ensure this, it is very important you have a place where you will not be disturbed, where others cannot view your phone, device or computer screen, and you can’t be overheard. Always leave the device you access your counselling from secured and password protected and do not share your password with others.


I also recommend you delete any email exchanges between us or texts after you have accessed them, to help maintain privacy.

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