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A Pre-Therapy Assessment is an essential first step, open to anyone to book, with no obligation to help determine whether counselling with me is the correct path for you.

Is Counselling For You?

You can speak freely about your issues and experiences.

Pre-Therapy Assessment

The First Step


A Pre-Therapy Assessment is the essential first step, and is open for anyone to book with no further obligation.

The assessment will enable me to determine whether counselling with me would be the correct path for you. It will also help me to decide whether time-limited counselling (6 or 12 sessions), or an open-ended approach would be more beneficial.


The Assessment

During the assessment, I will ask you about your current issues and symptoms, your history in terms of mental health and previous treatments, any relevant medical issues, and any past experience that may still be still impacting you. I will also ask you relevant questions regarding your personal and professional circumstance, and lifestyle choices. The assessment will last an hour.

The Pre-Therapy Assessment is more effective by telephone, as it can enable you to speak more freely about your issues and experiences. If preferred, I can offer an assessment via video link or in-person.

When Counselling Is Not Suitable

Counselling may not be suitable for various reasons. The assessment is an opportunity for me to advise where a more specialist treatment would be more appropriate, and signpost you to relevant organisations or services in your area. It is important to note that this is not a referral service, and I cannot recommend specific services or individual therapists.

The Assessment Fee

The fee for the assessment is £35. If you would like to book a Pre-Therapy Assessment, please click here.

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