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We've all become more familiar with using technology in recent times. Online therapy enables you to remain in comfortable and familiar surroundings using a variety of technologies.

An Increasingly Popular Way To Have Therapy

Express yourself in a way that suits you and your needs

Online Counselling

Online counselling is an increasingly popular way of having therapy. It allows you to access your sessions from your own comfortable surroundings, while cutting out the additional time and expense of travel. It is a way of communicating that we have all become more familiar with in recent times, and for many it has also been an introduction to the world of online communication as a successful and sometimes vital mode of connection.

Online Counselling Options
  • Face-to-face via video link (Zoom), which is the closest to in-person therapy.
  • Telephone counselling, which is preferable for many who find it easier to talk about their problems without being seen.
  • Instant Messenger, using a secure platform, for those who feel more comfortable expressing themselves through writing.
Online counselling is a way of working that requires different skills and knowledge of legal requirements, to ensure that the therapy is of consistent quality, effective and safe. Having completed ACTO* accredited diploma training with OCST* in Online Counselling, I have a high level of competence and experience in this area. Online counselling is not suitable for some people, or some issues, and this is something that will be discussed during the Pre-Therapy Assessment.

*ACTO - Association for Counselling and Therapy Online*OCST - Online Counselling Services and Training

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