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Get out into the elements for your counselling sessions and combine the benefits of counselling with fresh air, physical exercise and the mindful experience of being in nature.

Breaking The Mould of Traditional Therapy

Facilitate emotional processing, feel calm and relaxed.

Walk and Talk Therapy

What Is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walk and talk therapy breaks the mould of traditional therapy within 4 walls, taking you out into the elements for your counselling sessions. This is a different kind of therapeutic experience, combining the benefits of counselling with fresh air, physical exercise and the mindful experience of being in nature.

Advantages of Walk and Talk Therapy


  • Scientifically, the repetitive movement of the feet from left to right when walking, stimulates the bilateral brain (left and right hemispheres) which facilitates emotional processing. This can help you to feel calm and relaxed which enables you to think things through more rationally.

  • Engaging with nature as a mindfulness practice; Observing the simple processes of nature can help you learn to be ‘in the moment’, leaving you feeling more grounded, and reducing anxiety.

  • Feeling more comfortable talking about your feelings and your situation while walking side by side.

  • Promoting physical well-being by taking exercise, breathing fresh air and topping up Vitamin D levels through sunlight on the skin, which helps to keep your immune system healthy.


Walk and Talk Therapy Location


I provide Walk and Talk Therapy at Bedgebury National Pinetum, which is just off the A21 near to the Flimwell Crossroads in Ticehurst (A21/A268). For those who don’t know it, Bedgebury Pinetum is a stunning forest with a range of Conifers from all around the world, where the beautiful scenery makes it the perfect setting for peaceful walks.

Pre-Therapy Assessment


If this type of therapy interests you, it can be discussed at the Pre-Therapy Assessment. If I find it is suitable for you a personalised risk assessment would be carried out prior to sessions.

Things To Note


  • The walking route is path only, with no steep gradient.

  • The walks do not take place in very bad weather which will be decided according to the weather forecast the day before. In these circumstances the sessions will be moved to my counselling room or online.

  • It is not possible to bring dogs as they can be a distraction.

  • There are parking fees at Bedgebury, which will be in addition to the counselling fee. I will let you know about these.

  • Sessions last approximately an hour and cost £45.